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This site was created to show Bloggers how to use WebRings with their accounts using BloggerPro.
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Blogging is the easy part: type, publish, repeat. Installing WebRing coding on your Blog can get a bit tricky. I'm going to break this down as best I can. It will require that you search for some specific areas of your BloggerPro page. If you can find them, you'll be fine!

  1. Log into the BloggerPro editor
  2. Locate and click on the "template" link at the top
  3. Scroll down until you find the embedded comment which contains the following instructions (I did not copy the entire statement):
    !--this table will put a 20 pixel margin around the main layout this could be done with CSS or even in the body tag, but if we want some of the page elements touching the edges of the window, this is the best way. ....
    This will be just below the Blog description and just above the actual blog. I recommend you install the coding above the Blog simply to make it easier to find, especially if you are a long-winded blogger.
  4. Just above the embedded comment !--Begin Content-- install the JavaScript or HTML.
  5. Save the changes to your template.
Here's where the next tricky part occurs. If you refresh your Blog, you won't see any change. This is because changes to the template are saved but not published until you click 'publish' on the post page.

How it should appear

This site is a member of WebRing.
To browse visit Here.

Now, if you need to return to the SSNB & Site Editors page or visit the WebRing Users Guide, just use the links in the left column. Speaking of links, while you are editing your template, won't you consider placing a link to this site on your own Blog? Help Bloggers install WebRing coding by directing them here!

One last thing, if you absolutely insist upon placing the WebRing coding beneath your Blog, then install it below the embedded comment !--End Content-- which appears below the Blog entries. If you scroll past my Blog below, you'll see I have it there, as well.

Happy Blogging!

Things are a bit more positive with the new Ring. Although, it's obvious I put too much belief in some people. My first two invitations on Sunday went to two users who I thought were sure to jump at the invites. One was someone I had helped, in fact, the reason I created this account in the first place. The second is a gal who has several of her sites in a variety of my Rings. She manages quite a few these days herself. Based upon my history with this pair, I chose to honor them as my first two invitees. Not only were they not one of the first to join, 4 days later they still haven't signed on.
This is still frustrating, seeing as how I've invited over 200 sites to join and I only have 4 sites in addition to my pair. The "bounce" ratio for invitations is now in the 15-20% range, so roughly 40 sites are off the a manner of speaking. But the six sites in the Ring are enjoying great traffic because this Ring debuted in the TOP NEW RINGS list ( at #10. Today it appears poised to move up, even if only to #9! I hope some other sites join in during this two-week period that we'll get the additional exposure of being on the New Ring list!

Ugh, I must admit some great disappointment in the BlogSpot bloggers. I sent 140 invitations Sunday and got only a few hits to the Ring. First submission came just a few minutes ago. Unfortunately, I don't see that blog ever getting out of suspension. Great site with many WebRing memberships, but she whittles them down to just << for "previous" and >> for "next", but little else. Blog*Spot WebRing requires more navigation links be available than just the basics.
Anyhow, I'm prepping to send another 100 or so invitations today. Total invitee group should be about 400. Got about a 12% bounce ratio (the rough number of invalid emails in the group I'm contacting), but I was expecting 20%, honestly. I'm pleased with the lower percentage but quite discouraged by the low response. I hope it was just a bad day to create a WebRing. Maybe things will pick up.
You need not be INVITED to join the Blog*Spot WebRing. You need only have a BlogSpot Weblog. If you have one, please join. As I said before, it has the potential to be huge, but potential cannot be reality without the cooperation of everyone.

Well, after many, MANY weeks of researching for OTHER BlogSpot users, I'm launching a brand new BlogSpot WebRing today. The color scheme is similar to what is seen on and the navigation is customized to be something other than the boring default drone. It will be open to all general-themed Blogs (no adult/mature content). Unlike any other Ring I ever created, it will have a tolerance for mild profanity. If your website is hosted by Blogspot, won't you please join the Ring? Based upon the number of BlogSpot users already registered on WebRing, this has the potential to be one of the BIGGEST Blog Rings on WebRing. But it can't get there without you!

Jeez, has it been over two months since I last made an entry? Guess life has been busy. But, like I said, I doubt my aimless ramblings will be exciting to anyone. Most people here are visiting because they need help with WebRings, which is GREAT to me, because that's really what I exist to with WebRings.
Just applied to join a new Blog WebRing that was created about ten days ago. Hopefully I have enough content here to be of some interest to a fledgling new Ring!

Just checking in on my site today. Hadn't been on the computer much the past few days. A bunch of short periods, but not enough time to accomplish anything worthwhile. I see there are still three pending memberships. Per WebRing rules, I'll wait until at least Wednesday to check in and see if the Manager is around. I sure hope there aren't any unresponsive managers. I really hate pending forever! LOL

Hey, I checked on my WebRing stack today to find that two of the Blog WebRing memberships have been approved. That's great.
Spent today with my parents. If they don't see the grandkids regularly, they get upset. Guess it's a grandparent thing. They bought my daughter the most beautiful Easter dress I've ever seen. And my son has lots of new onesies to grow into.

Figure I better make this account a bit useful, so I've selected some Blog WebRings to join. I've submitted to five Blogging WebRings in addition to two of my own general topic WebRings, let's see what happens. I hope the fact that this is new and low on content won't prohibit it from being approved, as I believe it's existence will be helpful and profoundly more interesting than something I have the urge to publish here.
I'll keep you posted on how the WebRing submissions go.

This is a personal, public apology to WebRing user "richards1052".

"richards1052" is a fellow user of BloggerPro whose persistence with WebRing Support resulted in my overcoming the fear of Blogging, due to a complete lack of understanding it, to produce this tutorial page.
I apologize because I gave you a brush off in the Member Resources & Technical Support Forum at WebRing. That brush off is a direct result of my ignorance of Blogging. See, I've tackled a variety of WEBSITE editors with no second thoughts because I build websites. But I've never Blogged. The closest I've been to one is when they submit an application to my WebRings. But I didn't UNDERSTAND them and wasn't really interested in trying to.
I thank you for your persistence with WebRing Support. Because of it, Anne came to me this morning and asked if I'd consider giving it a try. The result is the page you are visiting now, a page that I hope will be useful to you, richards1052, as well as your fellow Bloggers.
Now, get outta here and join my WebRings: The ORIGINAL WebRing (the first one ever created!)
OR My FIRST WebRing (for those new to WebRing!)

Welcome to the Blog of &rea, webmaster of the WebRing User Guide. This Blog account is primarily intended to help other users of BloggerPro successfully install WebRing coding within a Blog. However, since I'm such an experienced chatterer and ranter, I may use this for my own occasional personal incoherent postings.

No matter what may become of the actual Blog part, I hope other BlogSpot account holders using BloggerPro can find the original purpose of this page to be useful!